hard-wearing & well designed

patios & paving

HSM Builders offer a broad range of hard-landscaping services from designing and installing decorative garden patios to laying concrete paths and slabs to protect your home environment. Whilst budget and plot-size might dictate some aspects of the service, there’s still huge scope for options. Hard-wearing pavier bricks can provide great support for your car, whilst decorative slabs and paving circles can create unique outdoor spaces for sun-lounging and entertaining.

Hamish had to replace our front steps leading up to our flat. He was there in all weathers so that we were able to use them as quickly as possible. Brilliant work and such a great guy. — Mrs C. MacKillop
  • Durable, high-quality paving slabs for paths & driveways
  • Huge selection of finishes & materials incl. Sandstone, Granite & Slate
  • Paving circles, steps and other designs available
  • Soft-landscaping providers sourced incl. gardeners & tree surgeons
  • Micro-digger to provide strength and speed to preparation

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