meeting those Highland challenges

a unique environment

Whether it’s overcoming the challenges presented by the region’s extreme weather conditions, ensuring the continued flow of natural water courses or maintaining our commitment to the Scottish Government’s declaration on emissions and sustainability, HSM Builders have the skills and experience necessary to provide builds that respond effectively to their environment. And faced with the increasingly unpredictable weather-patterns assosicated with climate change, building resilience into jobs is becoming more and more essential.

Having spent all our working lives in Strathspey means we have an excellent understanding of ground conditions and the challenges they present in build and water management. Issues and priorities include:

  • Reducing the risk of diffuse and point source pollution associated with land use
  • Improving protection in areas most at risk from erosion, flooding, acidification and nitrate pollution
  • Ensuring sustainable flood management and reducing flood risk.

Understanding of wildlife and striving to not disrupt nature/water courses by taking preventative measures.

Drainage/civils is a must for successfully managing water issues. Water accounts for a massive percentage in (traditional stone/lime especially) buildings failing - creating damp/rot issues and in cases total failure.

Working in wet and cold weather and winter can be a challenge for builders not accustomed to the extreme conditions of the harsh Highland environment. Being able to successfully negotiate weather by protecting new work from elements, making scaffolded habitats that regulate weather ingress to fresh work.

Understanding the planning process within the Highland Councils planning departments and working within the jurisdiction of a National Park is critical to a successful and compliant build. The Cairngorms are a nationally protected area. This extends to the wildlife and their habitat. As Highland builders we are committed to conserving the natural beauty, wildlife and heritage of the area. If you are replacing or converting an existing farm building you will need a builder who is able to navigate the often complex planning process.

HSM Builders will take time to source the best materials for the job, using the most sustainable resources where possible.

  • Building-in Re-cycleability. Determining what happens to a building at the end of its life informs materials selection and ultimately operation, maintenance and health and safety processes.
  • Using materials and building process that go someway towards reducing the UK’s carbon emissions
  • Paying special attention to the local availability of resources and services, the local infrastructure and local ecology.

HSM Builders hold a S.E.P.A. waste carriers licence. This means that any waste produced as a result of the building process will be taken to recycling centres so all wasteand in some cases new material comes from and goes to recycled uses. Reducing carbonfootprints etc

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